Why Should You Avoid Buying Supplements from Amazon? (Or your favorite warehouse store)

Everyone has brands they love, but chances are even your favorite retailers don’t sell quality supplements.

In fact, there is no shortage of news stories about reputable retailers selling supplements that don’t truthfully list their ingredients or even contain harmful substances.

Good research differs from compelling marketing.

There are plenty of flashy foods marked as “Fat Free!” despite containing a long list of harmful ingredients, beginning with high fructose corn syrup.  The same is true with nutritional supplements; some of them have great marketing but aren’t based upon credible research and/or they are stocked up with fillers.

The retail industry is large, fast-growing and largely driven by fads.

The most popular products on retail shelves probably don’t include the ingredients you need in the amounts you need them.  And in almost every case, retail supplements are produced by companies that place profits over quality or effectiveness. 

You can save money.

It may seem cheaper to buy a look-alike on amazon but if it is not as effective and/ or potentially harmful, you are actually setting yourself backwards from reaching your health goals.

Supplements you receive from your healthcare professional are distinctly different.  They include carefully selected ingredients, sourced from high quality raw materials, and formulated in appropriate amounts – all based on the best research available.

Most importantly, your healthcare professional only provides you with products they trust, have tried and tested, and that you need – based on your healthcare professional’s experience and their knowledge of your health.

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