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Want to Walk-In?  Enjoy our $30 for 30 min Detox and Destress Auricular protocol for an instant reset.

Most Insurance accepted. Appointment requires prior verification. 

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Are you ready to transform your health?

Monthly membership is popular for a reason: not only do you save $10 every acupuncture session, but you also get deep discounts for ALL our services including cupping, massage, and special private room upgrades.
This membership makes it easy to come in for monthly maintenance to keep yourself as pain and stress-free as possible. It’s easy to sign up and cancel anytime after your 2 month minimum commitment.

*Two month minimum commitment.




2 Healing lounge acupuncture sessions a month

$65 unlimited additional lounge sessions ($10 savings a session)

25% off cupping

20% off massage

Herbal and nutritional consult

$25 off private room upgrade

$130 per month auto-pay *

2 month minimum commitment

*All prices shown are cash prices. Cash price is different from insurance pricing. Two month minimum commitment.


Healing Lounge

Experience painless and natural relief from symptoms and address the root causes.

Luxury collective healing space

Infrared heat **

Auricular acupuncture **

Herbal and nutritional consult

Add Cupping for additional $39 *

Private Session

Experience painless and natural relief from your symptoms with privacy.

Luxury private room space

Table heater

Infrared heat **

Herbal and nutritional consult

Auricular acupuncture **

Cupping **

Sports Acupuncture

An orthopedic approach that includes e-stimulation, herbal linaments, and myofascial trigger-point release acupunture techniques.

Comfortable setting face up or down

Infrared heat **

E-stimulation **

Herbal and nutritional consult

Herbal linaments **

Postural assessment

Auricular acupuncture **

* All prices shown are cash prices. Cash price is different from insurance pricing.
** The inclusion of these methods is determined by your Source practitioner, as appropriate to your needs.


Cupping uses heat or air to create suction within a small cup on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Cupping detoxifies, resolves pain and muscle spasms, improves circulation, and reduces respiratory ailments.

$18.75 for members *

$25 for non-members *

Photobiomodulation or “Light Therapy” is safe, effective, FDA approved, for anti-aging, hair loss reversal, reduces acne, pain relief, wound healing and weight loss. Blue, red, yellow, and infrared light available.

$60 for members *

$75 for non-members *

Lifestyle and whole food nutrition is key to restoring the body and mind’s optimal health. We work with you to prescribe the optimal regimen to meet your goals.

$60/30 min for members *

$70/30 min for non-members *

Telemedicine and shipping available
* All prices shown are cash prices. Cash price is different from insurance pricing.


We work with
your inner healer.

Source has been a leader in holistic health in San Diego for almost a decade. We are proud to offer unparalleled acupuncture sessions for your unique and individual long-term health goals. In addition to private sessions, we offer community-style acupuncture by treating multiple people in a large and luxurious zen healing lounge.

Our goal is to support your healing journey every day with our integrative treatment plans. Your sessions will always include herbal medicine and nutritional support in order to integrate and anchor the change in your health towards balance so you can feel your best.



Receive the benefit of insight from your Western Biomedicine labs and medications combined with natural solutions.


We design a healing program just for you. Our practitioners find what your body and mind need to heal and personalize your care.


Open 6 days a week. Follow up treatments can be as fast as thirty minutes.


Most people experience results in just your first visit. We’ve given over 100,000 treatments.


In a city rich with healers and practitioners, Simone and her team are truly the most genuinely care and compassion-filled that you will find. With wisdom that they’re quick to share and experience that they stand strong in, I couldn’t be more thankful that they’ve crossed my path, and I couldn’t recommend them more for assistance in whatever may be causing you dis-ease, internally and out.
Sam J


Acupuncture treats the body & mind.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been used for centuries to treat the mind and body. At Source, our acupuncturists combine this ancient wisdom with modern methods to provide an integrative approach to cosmetic services and address health conditions at their root. Discover effective pain management, reproductive health, digestive disorders, chronic conditions, and mental/emotional health.

Digestive Health

Muscle Injuries

Back Pain



Addiction & Detox

Why community acupuncture?

Acupuncture for

The power of intention and healing is magnified when experienced together. We all need community and many of our members feel a sense of mutual support when healing in one space. We invite you to enjoy this peaceful sanctuary and drop into a deep state of repair and calm—either alone or with friends and family. Consider enjoying a wellness date with friends or partners!



I am a specialist MD who normally only makes medical decisions or recommendations based on hard science. However, I decided to try acupuncture about 12 years ago for persistent pain on the recommendation of my primary care physician. It worked, and I’ve used it for various musculoskeletal injuries and pains over the years. I’ve been to multiple practitioners but now I use Source exclusively whenever I need acupuncture. The practitioners have always been professional and thorough, and I’ve been very happy with the results. Most problems get better within two visits.

Damon S


Refresh your
skin and face

Get ultimate skin rejuvenation and face-lifting effects by combining microneedling with cosmetic acupuncture. Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves high-quality serums and the use of a small electric pen that oscillates a set of thin needle tips through the surface layers of the skin stimulating the production of up to 1000% more collagen and elastin (in just one session!). After only 6 treatments, once per month, patients notice improvements that last for years.

Microdermal Needling

Topical Serums

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Aloe Facial Masks

Light Therapy

Herbal Medicine

microneedling at Source Acupuncture


From strained muscles to sinus issues to colds to back pain Source has helped me with them all.  Mind you, you don’t need to have any symptoms to go in…I love getting regular wellness treatments.  They keep me happy and healthy! Source’s staff are extremely gentle and great at connecting to peripheral points.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and in fact I do…I am a chiropractor and I often refer my clients to them!

Emily M


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Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Simone.

Thank you so much for choosing Source as a partner in your healing journey. It is a deep passion of mine to provide a sanctuary for people to heal and return to their true self in mind, body, and spirit.

There is something magical exchanged when I see someone get off my treatment table feeling pain-free. There’s an extra sparkle in their eye, a softening of their face and their heart, that I witness as a return to their humanity in a way that is so authentically beautiful. I live for these moments. And I also personally know how painful it is to be in the moments beforehand: struggling with pain and digestive disorders to the point of depression.

That’s why I started Source, an integrative and holistic health center providing patient-centered care for the community. We’re here to help you realize a pain and stress-free life—that’s our commitment to you.

Thank you for choosing Source,

Over 100 ★★★★★ reviews

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.

Thich Naht Hanh