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When Founder Dr. Simone began treating people in 2013, she couldn’t afford to get acupuncture herself! She also noticed many of her private clients stopped getting the dosage of acupuncture needed to get better because it was cost prohibitive. After working at a community clinic, she realized this model was a loving and effective way of offering this highly demanded service at a price people can afford without jeopardizing quality of service and results. Plus, studies have shown that healing benefits are magnified when in a group setting!
We are proud to offer unparalleled acupuncture sessions at affordable prices so you can not just get well but stay well. Our master-level licensed Acupuncturists are skilled pain management specialists and have successfully served thousands of people with conditions ranging from not just pain, but also reproductive health, digestive disorders, chronic conditions and mental- emotional issues.


Integrate timeless
wisdom & modern methods

Many community-style acupuncture centers use prescribed points for ALL people. We have no corporate additives here – so you will be seen for whatever individual needs you require to be addressed and get the attention you need to feel awesome.
Our commitment is that you leave each session feeling relaxed, more balanced, vital, and as pain-free as possible. On your first visit, expect to have an examination and review of your medical history before your comprehensive treatment. We understand that every person is unique and your holistic treatment plan will be designed for your individual needs. Our practitioners are capable of assessing biomedical MRIs and blood tests, integrating the best of both worlds for a comprehensive session. Our goal is to cover your health journey 100% every day in our integrative treatment plans. Your sessions will always include herbal medicine and nutritional support in order to integrate and anchor the change in your health towards balance so you can feel your best.
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Dr. Simone Ressner


Inspired by her own healing journey after an excursion in India in 2007, Simone started teaching various styles of yoga and learning Chinese Medicine in San Diego. She believes the complexity of the world is vastly requiring the holistic integration of the wheels of healing arts that are available to us today. After studying with shamans and reiki masters on her seven month sojourn through Central and South America in 2013, she now skillfully incorporates Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, massage, reiki, and shamanic healing into her practice with wonderful results.
Fueled by her passion for the power of collective healing, she birthed Source Empowered Wellness Center to aid people on their path to establishing health as a lifestyle. She believes it is everyone’s right to affordable holistic and natural care.
Dr. Dylan Webber

Dr. Dylan Webber​


Dylan is a born-and-raised San Diegan with a passion for supporting his community through his unique approach to healing. With a pre-med Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz, and Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Pacific College of Health and Science, his treatment style combines an understanding of both Western biomedicine and Eastern traditional medicine.

He stems from a lineage of healers and his passion for healing runs in his blood. He was exposed to loved ones who suffered from chronic and morbid illnesses, and the experiences make his work meaningful to his core. He believes that East Asian medicine is the best first choice for all sub-clinical ailments in the modern medical model, and that integrative medicine is the most powerful modality to date.
Acupuncturist Sharron Szablak

Sharron Szablak

Sharron is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She studied at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she earned her Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. The diversity of her personal interests during school included a medical mission to the Dominican Republic, training with Acupuncturists without Borders, Facial Rejuvenation, and MicroNeedling.
After a 20 year career working in hospitals she was inspired to change career paths after her own personal success with fertility and Chinese Medicine. The amazing integration between her western medicine specialists and her Acupuncturists was breathtaking, awe inspiring, and life changing. Sharron is excited to be part of the expansion of Integrative Medicine, both as a patient and practitioner.
Licensed Acupuncturist Dr. Natrin

Dr. Nicolette Natrin


Practicing Chinese Medicine is the career of Nicolette’s dreams; one where she can spend everyday learning and teaching about holistic health! 

She is committed to increasing the awareness of wellness practices to help individuals heal themselves and the planet.

Nicolette specializes in Esoteric Acupuncture for expanded consciousness and wellness, ear and scalp acupuncture for neurological rehabilitation, and herbal formulas for internal medicine. What distinguishes Nicolette is her focus on the chakra system as a diagnostic and healing tool to treat the root of even the most complex cases.


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