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What’s your approach to holistic health?

At Source Acupuncture, our primary mission is to provide top-quality care that is not only accessible but also highly effective in delivering results. We believe in a three-stage approach to wellness that allows individuals to achieve their optimal health and well-being.  We do this by having a collective healing space, providing more times for people to come in and lower than private room cost so you can get the results you’re looking for.

Stage 1: Immediate Relief (Weeks 1-2)
In the initial couple of weeks, our focus is on addressing immediate concerns such as inflammation, tension, and pain in the body. Clients often experience significant relief during this stage, which provides them with a sense of well-being and comfort. However, we understand that these symptoms are often manifestations of underlying issues.

Stage 2: Functional Restoration (Weeks 3-6)
The next phase, Stage 2 of care, is where we delve deeper into the root causes of pain and discomfort. It usually takes several weeks to address functional issues related to stress, insomnia, digestive problems, and more. Our experienced practitioners work closely with clients to restore optimal function in the body. This phase is crucial because it ensures that the pain relief achieved in Stage 1 is not just temporary but lasting.

Stage 3: Optimization and Wellness (Weeks 7 onwards)
Once we’ve restored functional balance, we move into Stage 3 of care. This stage is all about optimizing habits, lifestyle, and diet to further enhance overall function and well-being. It’s where clients can truly fine-tune their health and wellness, making lasting changes that support a vibrant and pain-free life.

Why do a Glam up and Glow Package for microneedling and cosmetic acupuncture?

At Source we believe that long lasting beauty is generated from being balanced and vital from within. We always start our cosmetic services with an in-depth imaging system and report so we know the type of skin and the severity of any issues that may wish to be addressed, such as wrinkles, acne, and age spots.  With microneedling, we use an electric pen tipped with multiple tiny needles to micro-wound the skin and initiate healing and huge increases in elastin and collagen. Our all natural serums also help promote smoother skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  We often prescribe this in conjunction with cosmetic acupuncture, which focuses on improving your facial tone and elasticity, giving one the “face lift” aspect of the treatment.  What sets our program apart is that we bundle these items together and include herbs, nutrition, and red light therapy so that clients get their best and most long-lasting results.  We call this our Glam up and Glow Package and when one signs up for this, they also get unlimited $10 off regular acupuncture sessions to support their health goals.

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