The Shamanic Path

We’ve all been there: that feeling of “stuckness”, that feeling of dredging up the motivation to start the day or maybe we feel like you’ve been attracting the same circumstance or type of relationship pattern in your life for way too long!  Shamanism has a rap for being, quite simply, “weird.”  What’s with the feathers and smoke?  Can someone singing at me really help me?

Shamanism is a bridge through which the invisible and the visible connect and exchange.  Yes, the ways through which we cross the bridge may be “strange” but there is no one way.  Some shamans use plant medicine and ceremony to cross the bridge.  Others may use tarot cards or their own inherent psychic ability.  Drumming can be a helpful way to enter a trancelike state.  Some connect to animal spirit guides to reach into the beyond – there is no one way or way better than another.  All manners of crossing the bridge enter one into theta brain wave patterns, which provoke a dream-like state in which the pineal gland begins to activate visions.  This state is so powerful because reality as we know it becomes more metaphysical and malleable and we can begin to work from the deep soul level where most of the “stuckness” starts to create change.

I have a deep respect for this line of work and after having worked with numerous Shamans and Shamamas, I am profoundly affected by their ability to “see” me.  Often, the practitioner can tell me about life events that have occured to me without any prompting from me.  They can recognize people I know in this and other lifetimes that have unique energy signatures to people I know who might be affecting my patterning.  Eventually, I have realized that all these energies are reflections of different aspects of myself that I can now disidentify with if I choose.

This work has had such a beautiful impact in my life that I have chosen to lead a yearly retreat to Peru as an experience into Shamanism, and ultimately into the Higher Self.  This year’s journey is held April 17-28, 2016 in the Sacred Valley.  Feel free to watch the video for a description of the trip and visit our Retreats Page for detailed info.

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