Suffering with IBS? Learn how Amy experienced acupuncture and herbs as a game changer!

Gut health and healthy microbiome heal leaky gut

Amy is a 31 year old female that’s been coming to Source Empowered Wellness to treat chronic, disabling digestive issues. For the last year, she has experienced regular diarrhea accompanied by a burning sensation with bowel movements and intermittent cramping, resulting in sudden trips to the bathroom. That cramping is severe up to five times throughout each day, and even with the consistency, blood work and stool samples have been unable to provide concrete answers or solutions toward relief for her. 

The treatment plan prescribed for Amy involved 30 minute treatments two to three times per week for 4 weeks. She was also offered nutritional counseling to help her know what foods to avoid based on the current energetic congestion making itself known in her body, as well as herbal supplementation, including GI Harmony from Evergreen and Zypan from Standard Process, both SEW-trusted lines of wholly healing formulas. 

So what did Amy’s return to digestive equilibrium look like from there?

After Amy’s first treatment, she reported feeling less anxious and more relaxed, which are large steps in their own, considering the proven knowledge that stress and anxiety are common denominators in all digestive issues. 

After Amy’s fourth treatment, she reported a decrease in the frequency of abdominal cramping and less burning with her bowel movements. 

After Amy’s twelth treatment, Amy reported more regular and solid bowel movements, with no burning sensation at all, and no cramping at all had occurred since her last (11th) treatment.

Intention plus dedication toward consistency in customized health and healing are foundational aspects of our mission here at Source Empowered Wellness. And we’re thankful to have such faithful, trusting members of our community, such as Amy, to help embody and share the extraordinary effects of the passion-driven care provided by our incredible team of Acupuncturists. 

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