Acupuncture for Neuropathy

Acupuncture for neuropathy is a unique technique that is used to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, mental and physical discomfort.

Our skilled Acupuncturists will insert some very thin needles into your body at strategic points. Thereafter, they will stimulate your nervous system to release endorphins; your body’s natural painkillers throughout the spine, muscles, and brain.  This process starts to rewire the neural network of that “pain” or “numbness” message in the area.  If there is an impingement or compression causing the neuropathy, acupuncture not only will work to greatly reduce the localized inflammation but will also release surrounding muscles involved in squeezing or blocking the nerve.

The entire treatment will change how your body responds to pain. Typically, many people experiencing neuropathy, sometimes referred to as peripheral neuropathy, go for acupuncture to relieve the chronic pain in their bodies. Additionally, acupuncture increases blood flow throughout the body. We take pride in having some of the best acupuncture practitioners in San Diego.



When you visit our clinic, a practitioner will receive you, answer any of your questions and support you throughout the entire procedure. You should not expect to experience any risks with our professionals. We have the tenure, knowledge and exposure since this is our area of specialization.

We understand that not everybody is a candidate to acupuncture of neuropathy, therefore, we have to examine you and take your medication history, to identify if we can apply the procedure. Sometimes people with bleeding disorders have a higher risk of bleeding. In the event we realize you are not suitable for acupuncture of neuropathy, we will recommend some alternative treatment in your initial exam.

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