Earth: Keeping Everything Together in the 5 Element Theory

Earth has no real season of its own. And so use this transitional time as water becomes wood, to cultivate EARTH. And there is no better time than to do so: Earth’s gift is in transforming discord and separation into harmony and a sense of being a part of an interdependent whole.

Practice empathy right now; hold in your heart that which would benefit another beyond that which only benefits yourself. For some of us, this practice is now staying home and using social distancing. Yes, sometimes being consciously loving is to be separate!

Though Earth is kept together by gravity, it uses “the upright qi” to counteract that which pulls us down . Zhong qi/ upright qi is the energy thought to hold things up and in within our body- without this energy, we may experience hemophilia and prolapsed organs as well as sinking thoughts… worry, especially survival thinking can cause our Earth (spleen and stomach) to become even weaker.

Please take into consideration of what we learned in WATER from fear in our Freedom and Wholeness Yoga classes: there is no such thing as fearlessness; we can only come into a relationship with fear and use its messages as an understanding of that which we do not want within ourselves or to happen to ourselves. So with discernment, we can just call in Earth to pacify the waters. We use the Earth element’s strength, which is intellect, to create emotional boundaries and to establish self nourishing practices that call in that which we DO desire within us or to happen to us (therefore using fear as a necessary tool to bounce off of to get clarity).

Earth represents how we mother ourselves and others – so mother well people! Eat warm foods and eat at regular times of the day – though the “season” of Earth is when things are changing, Earth thrives on routine and regularity. Stay away from sugars and processed foods right now and avoid over-eating. Walk barefoot to ground yourself on the Earth.

The direction is center. This is a time to wear yellows, browns, oranges. Use essential oils like Basil, Black pepper, Peppermint, Lavender, Fennel, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Melissa to activate Earth.

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