Are you throwing the kitchen sink at your cold/ flu and not feeling better?

Ok, you got the sniffles, sore throat and fatigue and maybe starting to feel the ucky ache in your body…

So you reach for the colloidal silver, the vitamin C, the homeopathic over-the-counter-stuff and just for good measure, you pop a few things that someone gave you like yin qaio san or some elderberry just in case! And for extra good measure, you also drink that raw immune-booster juice they make at Whole Foods. And you do all this all at once because you CANNOT get sick- Sound familiar?

I am here to tell you DON’T DO THAT! Sometimes this kitchen sink strategy can work for the VERY beginning of a cold but honestly, throwing the kitchen sink at your cold or flu is like using a shot gun to kill a fly. Not only can it do more harm to your energy and be extremely confusing for your body to know what to do with everything you just put in it, but it could make your cold or virus worse by pushing it further deeper into the body.

Think of a cold or virus being like enemies in a battle at your castle. The castle wall is your immune system. Keep in mind that if you have symptoms of mild sore throat and sniffles, this may not even be a cold; your acupuncturist can feel your pulse and tell the difference between a cold and allergies. But if you have an inkling that you’re catching a cold/ flu, then these symptoms are telling you that “the enemy” is just at the castle wall. This is an easier fight because you have the advantage and can easily shoo the enemy away.

Sometimes a high dose of vitamin C (not ascorbic acid but rather a liposomal vitamin C is better) is enough to kick out the enemy. At this stage, it’s also great to start a low dose of lomatium as this usually kicks things to the curb (see picture below; 10 drops 3-5 times a day). In general, lomatium is an herb to just keep in your cabinet at home in case something starts to creep in.

Lomatium Dissectum Tincture – available at Source Empowered Wellness

What if you have the chills and body aches? This means that the enemy is starting to get through the gates of the wall – they’re still mostly on the outside though, so here’s how we make sure we fortify:

1. In addition to using liposomal vitamin C or a higher quality food-based C, like Cataplex ACP, it’s now time to sweat!

2. To sweat, we don’t mean work out. We mean get yourself to a sauna if you have access and/ or eat our sweaty soup (recipe below).

3. Take herbs like Ge Gen Tang if you have bad headaches and neck/ shoulder aches to push out this cold wind that is trying to get through the “wall”. And wear a scarf – yes, even if you’re inside, to protect yourself from the enemy coming back in.

4. Take lomatium – it’s a superkiller for most of the micro-things: virus/flu, candida, bacteria, etc.

5. Start the warm liquids diet of only soups (no dairy and low meat), teas with ginger, lemon and honey.

What to do if the enemy has gotten through the gates and you have a high fever and some stomach/ GI issues?

1. Liquid foods diet only – nothing cold, raw, or iced or dairy! This means no juices too 🙂

2. Add thymex to feed your thymus, the control center for your immune system.

3. Take Calcium lactate to bring the fever down and provide a way for your immune system to optimize how it tracks the intruder and therefore to expel it.

4. Higher doses of lomatium and possibly adding other things to help the stomach – it’s best to consult an herbalist at this point. Usually, if you are doing the above reccomendations and you get to this point, you have a good chance that this level of the cold/flu just needs to run its course for a day or two and you’ll be clear.

❤️❤️ALL the herbs mentioned (except vit C) are stocked up at Source. Feel free to call to order or stop by – we got you! ❤️❤️

Sweaty Soup Recipe

1. Go to your local asian market and get some organic miso paste.

There’s lots of types so choose your favorite. The white miso is a lighter taste and the yellow/ red is more thick and salty. Add this with water, mix well, in medium heat – do not boil. Your choice to add a bit of organic chicken bone broth too.

2. Chop 3-4 cloves garlic and a handful of ginger and add to the soup.

We also add a bit of red cayenne pepper for extra sweatiness.

3. Chop up 2 green onions and keep the white bulbs with the roots – this is the medicinal part!

Add this into the soup once the miso is mostly cooked – again, you need those white root/ bulbs and the more the better!

Drink all this down and do this repeatedly until the body aches and congestion clears.


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