Are there risks to acupuncture?

It’s no secret that anytime you undergo a medical procedure, no matter how safe it may be, there will be some degree of risk involved. However, when it comes to acupuncture, even the World Health Organization listed acupuncture as one of the safest modern medicines available today.  The biggest concern one needs to have is if you are going to currently licensed and experienced practitioner.

Many health spas and physical therapists advertise techniques such as dry needling, which can be slightly effective especially for the short-term if you’d like to use a shotgun to shoot a needle in a haystack.  A skilled acupuncturist  is not only artful with how to move your energy without expending it more than needed but is also concerned with the root causes of your condition and will go about suggesting a holistic approach towards longterm balance.  

Some of the minor risks patients can experience are minor swelling, bruising, pain, and some bleeding from needles getting pressed into their flesh. However, if you go to a certified acupuncture team, like the staff at Source Empowered Wellness, these risks are a very rare occurrence and minor if that.

More San Diego CA patients still depend on us for safer, faster acupuncture by certified experts. When you need to know that you remain in good hands, schedule your appointment with us.

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