What is it like to get Acupuncture at Source Empowered Wellness?

Dr. Simone, Owner and Founder of Source Empowered Wellness:

I love what I do!  I get to help better get better.  We see people with all kinds of aches and pains, with digestive issues,  people who are coming in for fertility, people who are getting over the grief of a lost loved one – and they get better.

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Jessica (client):

I am so grateful I found  Source Empowered Wellness.  After just 5 treatments, I am completely pain-free.  I can pick up my daughter again without any pain.  I can work for long periods of time at my computer without any pain and I have no trouble sleeping at night.

I tried everything: yoga, massage, etc.  I had learned about acupuncture and decided to try Source Empowered Wellness.  I checked out some of the other acupuncturists in the area and they were as much as $80 a treatment.  They told me I would need at least 6 treatments to heal my sciatica pain.


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What’s really cools about Source Empowered Wellness is that treatments start at $40 a visit and you can even get them lower when you buy a package.  Source Empowered Wellness is a community acupuncture center.  This means all the patients are treated in one big room.  This is how they keep costs so low.  It’s really cool though because you can bring a friend – and I even brought my mom once.


Dr. Simone is really professional.  She took a longtime to go over my problem and to really assess my needs.

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When she took me into the back room, there were several other patients, many were sleeping.  She took my pulses and did a few range of motion exercises to identify the source of my pain.  Then she gently put in the first needle – it didn’t even hurt.  In fact, it was quite relaxing.  After all the needles were inserted, I sat back and relaxed no actually took a nap of my own.


Dr. Simone:

One thing that I love about doing what I do is that I make it affordable so that people can not just get better but stay better.  We want people to come in to prevent any illness.  So anytime you just want to balance and de-stress, we’re here for you.


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